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Vid: Broken English

I may be more than a little mad. When I read justacat's musings on gwyn_r's new vid, "Broken English, as well as comments by other friends, I was both intrigued and mystified. I'd watched the vid through a few times, and couldn't really see what it was about, even though I liked the song and thought it was a good one for B&D. So, although JaC warned against doing it, I went ahead and built up a list of all the scene cuts in the vid, one by one.

Very scrappily put together, probably almost unreadable and containing multiple errors, but they're under this here cut if you're interested:

- photos of "Herzl, Ulrike", Wing, Dian", bloke outside phone booth, "Shand, Patti (No Stone)
- Shot of TV screen, 2 masked figures
- Film from "Close Quarters", Meyer standing by the river
- Shot from "Close Quarters" – the photo board, Inge Helmut, Franz Meyer, 2 others
- Bodie captures Meyer, holding a gun to his head
- Doyle dives out of the car (not sure where from – grey sweat top under green jacket –"Dead Reckoning"?)
- Bodie & Doyle race from the silver Capri. Bodie in red shirt & brown leather, Doyle in green T and tweed jacket – "Need to Know"
- Film of Diana Molner and Bodie, running ("Operation Susie")
- Karen Vandenburg, shooting ("Fugitive")
- Doyle, shooting – jacket, next to red vehicle (?)
- Bodie and Doyle about to bust into a room (Dead Reckoning)
- Bodie emerging from the Capri, yelling (grey leather jacket, blue shirt)
- Doyle down behind red car, shooting, dark glasses, green sweater
- Bodie running across street (grey jacket, red car approaching)
- Sidecar motorcycle ("Wild Justice")
- Wetsuit scene boarding boat (Kickback)
- Street scene of Doyle running, passing ?MI6 man (backside shot). Doyle's wearing grey zip-up windcheater & shirt. (?"Fall Girl")
- Running up stairs (red paint on walls)
"Could have come through.."
- Milk bottle/shooting scene from "DIAG"
- MI6 men burst in on Bodie & Marikka ("Fall Girl")
- Crawling across the railway carriage in "Operation Susie"
- Bad guy grabs screaming blonde woman while another woman in pinafore dress tries to hold her back
- Bodie running in the library in "Fugitive"
- Back to man holding blonde woman prisoner
- Doyle firing
- Bodie on RT
"… cold, lonely…"
- Bodie stares up at Inge Helmut, with gun ("Close Quarters")
- Bodie, Doyle in computer simulation ("Wild Justice")
- Doyle pursues Joe ""Mixed Doubles")
- Bodie, Doyle question Ulrike ("No Stone")
- Helicopter overhead
- Group running through trees carrying 1 person (? "No Stone") – shot of abandoned car LK577 in foreground
- Doyle jumps out of yellow van
"What are you…"
- Bodie walks down stairs, Doyle behind ("Where the Jungle Ends")
- Ambulance/Stretcher scene ("Heroes")
- Bodie/Helicopter scene ("Kickback")
"…fighting for"
- Inge moves to attack house – Bodie pulls Julia back ("Close Quarters")
- Bodie tosses Doyle a rifle as they race towards the hostage scene ("Old Dog, New Tricks")
"…it's not my"
- Doyle, Bodie looking menacing – questioning Billy ("Old Dog, New Tricks")
- Zadie opens curtains & sees men in white robes with burning cross ("Klansmen")
- Doyle races down stairs
- Bodie surveys dead Irishmen ("Where the Jungle Ends")
- Inge Helmut at the airport – turns towards camera – shot of Meyer ("Close Quarters")
"It's just an old war"
- Doyle, Bodie, Cowley (Doyle in old coat), walk towards Cowley's car just before the explosion ("No Stone")
- Ulrika, ranting
- same, she attacks Bodie & Doyle
"Not even a cold war"
- Exchange of prisoners in Germany ("Dead Reckoning")
"Don't say it in Russian"
- Death of Batak/II in the back of the van
"Don't say it in German"
- Bodie points his gun at Meyer ("Close Quarters")
- Bodie escapes custody and leaps for the wall ("Fall Girl")
"Say it in ..Broken English"
- Inge is shot ("Close Quarters")
- Same scene – Doyle looks up, Inge's body tumbles down
- Tommy falls ("Heroes")
"Say it in Broken English"
- Doyle & Bodie race over to Tommy's body
- Arthur Pendle goes to strike Doyle
- Bodie..
- …lines up to fire, in the dark (he's holding someone)
- Bodie & Doyle run from their Capri (Doyle leaps the hood)
- They're in Philippa's houseboat, hiding in the cabin behind the wheel ("Blind Run")
"Lose your Father…"
- Williams' flat explodes (Purging), cut to scene just outside with Susan, Bodie, Doyle
- Bodie & Doyle push past Diana Molner to enter the room
"Your Husband"
- Doyle closes Cookie's eyes
- June Cook yells at Doyle & upends the saucepan
"Your Mother"
- Fight between Doyle and Parker et all – Parker shoots the girl, Katunda cries out ("Ojuka")
"Your children"
- Blood-stained, the Molners, Bodie & Doyle enter the ambulance ("Operation Susie")
- Cut to end of same episode – Bodie pulls back a furious Doyle
"What are you … "
- Hostage on TV screen & in window ("Wild Justice")
- Bodie (with bomb) runs away from Doyle ("Fugitive")
- Bodie sees Keller & raises his gun ("Kickback")
"…dying for"
- Hospital corridor scene from "Klansmen", Bodie on stretcher
- Doyle loads rifle, getting prepared to tackle Billy (ODNT)
- Jag pursuit scene in tunnel ("Hunter, Hunted")
"It's not my... reality"
- Arty is attacked on the roof. Bodie & Doyle see the body being taken away ("Klansmen")
- A "Klansman" attacks Doyle, who fires at him
- Bodie and Doyle assist Cowley away from their car ("Need to Know")
- Bodie stares down from the gas holder
"It's just an old war… not even a cold war"
- Marrika calls up to him, Kreiber shoots her
- Doyle rushes over to her body
"Dont say it in Russian,"
- Doyle pulls one of the Soviet heavies out of his car ("Stirring of Dust")
- Leia unmasks the false Hanish
"Dont say it in German,"
- O'Leary has Helen Pierce – he backs out the door, Bodie & Doyle following. Shots of neighbours closing doors ("Stirring of Dust")
"Say it in Broken English"
- Bodie & Doyle break in to Pulford's office & shoot O'Leary
"… Broken English" (repeats)
- Bodie & Mayli on the embassy steps
- Bodie carries Mayli down the steps
- Parker shields himself with the girl & threatens Doyle, who throws his gun down
- Ojuka attacks Katunda
- Bodie lifts a bullet from the table
- Doyle hauls the fleeing Bodie to the ground and, as Werner tries to reach the detonator, throws the pack with the bomb in it away
- Doyle goes for Cusak, Bodie holds him off (WTJE)
"What are you fighting for"
- The Lads find a body
- In the warehouse, listening for the enemy ("Heroes")
- Out in the woods, looking for Krivas
- Nearly run down by a car
- Escorting Meredith and being attacked
- Getting ready for the meeting with Parsali
- Generally sneaking around
- Escorting Diana Molner to the train
- Doyle shoots to protect Bodie from the landing (TOF)

It's an incredibly complex vid. I found almost 100 cuts between scenes and there must have been many, many more to fit the selections to the music. It's impressionistic, rather than telling a straight tale, true, therefore harder to grasp. I also think it would be far, far better viewed on a large screen to get the full effect. On a computer monitor it's too easy to lose the big picture in the detail if you sit too close, or lose the impact of individual shots by sitting further away (especially if you have my dodgy eyes).

Looking at the scene list there are more match-ups than I thought at first. Not just "lonely Puritan", but lines like "Lose your father, your husband, your mother, your children". And I ended up really loving the ending because, after all the mayhem and the focus on the bad guys and fighting against them, we can see the connection between Bodie and Doyle and know that they are fighting for each other as well.
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