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I have discovered Lagavulin Love. 16 year old Lagavulin is an incredibly sexy pure malt scotch from the Isle of Islay: "Time, say the Islanders, takes out the fire, but leaves in the warmth". It's true. Some single malts, like Glenmorangie (a previous favourite) need a little added water to release their best aromas and taste from the alcoholic spirit base. This one is for delicate sipping in it's undiluted form, the supple, smoky flavour spreading seductively over the palate without leaving any residual afterburn. Ahhhh.......

(It's all George Cowley's fault, really: I started drinking Glenfiddich because of The Professionals, but that brand just doesn't do it for me anymore).

This journal hasn't been updated for a while, but much has been happening. See below the cut:

Friends and family: a procession of visitors over the past couple of weeks. Louise came for tea, Keith the Scot stayed for a whole weekend, and Haaaaaaaande and Dr D came for dinner on Thursday.

B has gone off to Taminick Military Encampment for the weekend. There was some trauma and panic involved in the packing and send-off, but hopefully everything will be well.

I went to the Robinson's for dinner last night. Knowing my love of lamb (which B hates), Glenda cooked shanks, with loads of vegetables. Yummy! After, we watched Kenneth Branagh's Henry V and drank delicious chocolate stout which nicely washed down the offerings from the cheeseboard. Regarding the movie, I noticed scenes I didn't remember from earlier viewing. And I didn't know Christian Bale played The Boy?

Got in touch with M after months & months apart. Turns out her doctor brother works in the same clinical network I am presently business managering for. Small world.

B's birthday on Monday. Have promised him a Missy Higgins CD and orange chocolate cake, when he gets back. I have to find my oven thermometer, as the markings have all worn off the dial.

Travel: Karen and I are heading for the UK next Friday. Plans are coming together, I have meetage locked in for the first 2 days at least. It will be GOOD!

Literary and Creative: I'm reading 'The Line of Beauty' by Alan Hollinghurst. The early Nick is lovely, so knowledgeable yet so relatively innocent. Hating to see him slide down the slippery slope. Have also bought Isabelle Allende's 'Zorro', which may wind up being my travel reading.

Writing wise, I have been lucky enough to have met a really good editor* whose advice I totally respect. As a result, I'm assigning my long story to the holding zone, as I work through the problems both consciously and unconsciously. She says it's all fixable - I love her for that, and for being frank and kind at the same time. I've also started writing my SantaPros story, finally.

* 'beta' is out, as is 'fic'. I love it!

More, eventually.
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