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OK, an age ago towerbridge2006 tagged me for the happiness meme. I haven't responded until now, not for lack of happiness but more to do with fleeting time and busyness.

I may not get all 10 tonight, but (taking a leaf from paris7am's lj) here's the first installment:

1. Someone at work gave me flowers today!
And really, it was for doing my job, but they'd had a lot of messy things to deal with over the past few weeks and I helped them out. Go me.

2. A few weeks back the Very Veterinary Dr D. came to dinner with his teen-aged daughter, who was visiting on holiday and looking for books to read to while away the time while dad was working/involved in non-daughter-friendly stuff. One of the books I offered was Naomi Novik's "Temeraire", which dad pooh-poohed after reading the blurb. Daughter went away with something else. A week later the same Dr D, while waiting at our house for NRMA assistance, picked up my copy of Robin Hobb's "The Liveship Traders" as well as the first two "Temeraire" novels. He returned them last week. He dismissed TLT as a bad read - "interesting ideas - pity the characters are so hateful and the plot contrivances far too much like Perils of Pauline to be believable". "Temeraire" on the other hand was "excellent, terrific - she can really write!". The guy's a serious historical reenactor and apparently the idea of dragons in the Napoleonic Wars had been a little too much when he'd first seen the book, but he changed his opinion totally. Win! \o/

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