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I spent most of the past 24 hours in bed with a head cold, so I haven't replied to comments on my last post - afraid this one will have to suffice for all of you.

As I mentioned last post, the story is planned as a Pros AU. byslantedlight and I talked about the general concept back in May last year, while on a trip to Ely, and I've been thinking about it, on and off, since then. I have scenes in my head and a reasonable story outline. It promises to be long, which scares me quite a bit - the only Pros story I've ever written which was over 15,000 words still needs a major rewrite (which I am doing, slowly, when I have the courage). Perhaps posting about it is a good thing - knowing people know I'm writing may help keep me inspired!

Currently, I'm doing research. I did early medieval reenactment before starting the 17th century gig (the first group I joined was called "1066") so I already have some background. There's a stack of books in my library that have had the dust shaken off them and are now in various piles around the place. I've found a fair amount of material on-line as well, although it's needed very careful filtering to get the useful stuff.

Research doesn't solve every problem, however. The riding scene is only one of several where it's difficult to decide not only what works best for the story but what is the more authentic choice. Sometimes there is no right answer - I can see that possibly I might end up using a slightly unlikely scenario because it gets me where I want to go, although at the risk of having other people who are knowledgeable about the period (waves at arthwollipot*g*) point and tut-tut. Sometimes there's a fourth or fifth alternative to the problem (thank you very much for the suggestions).

Yep, it's gonna be fun *g*

There was one benefit at least from declaring myself sick & taking to my bed - rosie55, I finally finished Dissolution! I enjoyed the way the writer kept so many different suspects in the frame for so long. Early on I got a little impatient with some of the historical scene-setting, which seemed intrusive, but not for long. An absorbing read!

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