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Gorillas on the Roof (and other Moving Tales)

We’re back on line, finally, at our new Glenbrook house. I am feeling very strange – over the 2 1/2 weeks since we moved, I almost adjusted to not having Internet available – I just refused to think about the groups and chat and lj reading I was missing out on. Besides, we were so busy unpacking… and still not finished! Now I have to work out which bits of my on-line life I have to catch up with first…

But first, a few previously’s, and the Gorilla Moving story…

5 August – settlement date
6-26 August – we start to move. We are astounded by the amount we can pack into 2 cars. We are even more astounded by the amount that is left to pack/move.
24 August – Moving activities are suspended for 48 hours. We drive to Canberra to see ‘Serenity’. And back again.
27 August – the “movers” take our large furniture, and many more boxes, to the house. We also travel to the new house. Many things go in the garage because we don’t know where we are going to put them – we hear later through the friends who gave us the contact, that the movers think we are crazy because we don’t have a place for everything… [listen guys, if you had been living in a 2 bedroom shoebox for 10 years, you might think it worthwhile taking the time to adjust to a different space… besides, you scratched some of our stuff, just as well it was mostly old & not particularly valuable!] The bed is the last thing unloaded – we unpack that, and the kettle, gratefully accept the offer of dinner with friends and collapse afterwards.
27 August – present. Unpacking. Our friends are bemused by the amount of ‘stuff’ we have, lots of which was piled up in the garage at the flat. The house will be quite full once we’ve finished. Cleaning old flat. Having our first plumbing adventure with roots in the pipes causing impressive backup. Lose internet after the end of August apart from forays to Internet cafes & friends places.

3rd September: Gorilla Moving Day.
This requires some explanation. Our house is 2 storied, with a spiral staircase leading to the second floor. We managed to get a single mattress up the stairs, a tabletop, sans frame, and the computer boxes, but that was the physical limit. Brett was thinking about installing hoists and moving things over the (rather dry rotted) balcony, but I had a Better Plan.

Maybe 16 or 17 years ago, I purchased a large roll of 2m wide furniture felt. I think at the time it was destined for lining and padding reenactment items and some of it ended up being sold to people who wanted to make sleeping mats. However there was a quantity left and Brett mentioned several times during the pre-move preparation that maybe it was time to get rid of it. I refused. Wisely, as it turned out.

The upstairs rooms perch on top of the main part of the house, which has a reasonably steeply sloping tile roof, but at the back the kitchen and an extension have galvanised iron roofing with only a slight slope. The guttering there is due to be replaced (they should be able to do it next week), and a bit more damage wouldn’t matter. SO, we:
- borrowed a long ladder from friends
- borrowed said friend (wifely component – husband was away with their 2 boys for the weekend, doing he-man caving type things)
- leaned the ladder against the back extension
- took the roll of felt upstairs and rolled it out through the window, down the roof and over the top of the ladder
- fastened ropes around the first of several items to be moved, a table frame
Then Glenda & I pushed from the bottom of the ladder, and Brett (AKA Spike the Wonder Gorilla) hauled from the roof, and the table frame slipped up the felt, onto the roof, up to the top storey window. We girls ran up the stairs & assisted with manoeuvring the item through the window. Then it was back downstairs for the next thing. In addition to the table frame we moved a bed base, a computer desk and an extendable table. And it was fun! Brett was so excited by the ease of moving furniture this way, he wanted to keep going – I didn’t (quite) have to physically restrain him, but it was a near run thing.

Unfortunately I had temporarily misplaced my camera, so no images were preserved. We may do a reenactment, one day.

In other news:

The restructure at work is moving at just the right pace for my job to be advertised in October, when I’m in England. I’ll have to leave my resume with HR, I think, with instructions.

We went to see ‘Serenity’ for a second time on Monday night, tickets procured thanks to the alert Dr D. There was a Q&A session with Joss afterwards (he’s in Australia for a few days, promoting the film) and we all got autographs. Dr D had a ‘Blue Sun’ t-shirt signed. Brett got a "Spike the Wonder Gorilla' autograph. Might write a bit more about this later. We’re just about to head for the Glenbrook ‘Panthers’ Bowling Club for trivia night, so bye for now.
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