kiwisue (kiwisue) wrote,

What's happening around the Lagoon Fortress these days?

I posted my Christmas fic (in which I attempt actual Angst, and Relationship Development, for the first time ever) here.

The bloke's watching "Shadow of the Vampire" with one of his tutoring students (who, when I asked what he was doing over the holidays, let it slip that he's going skiing in Aspen - and yes, he's been there before, only the last time it was for snowboarding, so it's like this time is all new again). And when I got home they were watching 'Terminator 2' with the sound up really loud.

I'm going through the accumulation of paperwork which has become a ridiculously large pile, hoping to clear it sometime before Christmas.

I have not decorated anything (therefore feel guilty). I am behind with shopping (more guilt).

I dropped in to see engenda at lunchtime today, which was cool, and we commiserated a bit over missing this year's get_together.

My boss is going on leave for 5 weeks and we have a submission to finish tomorrow, which is deadly, and not in a good way.

Other than the above, things are pretty quiet around here.

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