kiwisue (kiwisue) wrote,

Our vet friend, Dr D'amage, came over for dinner tonight. He brought 3/4 of his animal menagerie with him: whippet Connor, Staffordshire terrier Imelda and cattledog-cross Jack. Connor, who is a rather fragile dog these days, stayed indoors and watched 'Ronin'# with us. The others played in the backyard:

Lovely, friendly dogs - although not good at posing for photos! And look at that grass - we mowed it less than a week ago! It's been rain, rain and more rain here. All good *g*

# Excellent movie, lots of twists - I'm now in love with Jean Reno, and I was soooo glad his character didn't die, because Sam and Vincent had developed a really great bond by the end.

In other news, if you haven't caught up with the Pros Discovered in the Brandy Butter seasonal celebration, you should. I just read Byslantedlight's "Pwnco", and JoJo's "The Scarsdale Pact", and both these stories rock!

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