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Glenbrook Open Day

Today was the local Glenbrook RAAF base open day. It was a lovely, fine day after a week of rain and cold so we were just in the mood for an outing.

RAAF Base Glenbrook is an unusual base - it's nowhere near an airfield, for a start. It's actually Headquarters Air Command and the original administration building (now the officer's mess) was the Lapstone Hill Hotel until 1949 when the Air Force bought the land. Lovely old building with fantastic views over western Sydney.

So there weren't any planes flying around. There was a Sikorsky helicopter, and an F-111 cockpit that looked very strange, chopped off from the body of the jet. The promised hot air balloon didn't show. But there was a military police dog team, and a bomb-disposal display and the air cadets sold sausage and steak sandwiches very cheap, so all in all it was an interesting couple of hours.

Pics under cut: click on the thumbnails to bring up the larger image.

We wandered around a bit, enjoying the weather before heading to our first display - bomb disposal.
The dark green robot is, I think, a Wheelbarrow, a type first developed in 1972 for use in Northern Ireland (so Yay!, Pros era *g*). I'm not sure how old this model is [ETA: or even what it is - 3 yrs down the track I know more & therefore know I don't know a lot *g*]. And I haven't identified his little brother.

Inside, a woven kevlar bomb suit & visor.

Bomb suit
Bomb suit visor

Outside, shots of the officers mess and the view from that veranda. There's talk that the Glenbrook base may close soon - if so, it would be nice if someone could restore the building as a hotel again. It already has a swimming pool and tennis courts.

The Sikorsky, the Comms squadron display and the F-111 cockpit.

And finally, the Security Police with their dogs (good display) - and one annoyed masked plover who didn't like the way we were wandering all around its territory.

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