kiwisue (kiwisue) wrote,

'Star Trekking' OR Does my Boyfriend Deserve to Die

B & I have been watching ST:TOS episodes over the past few weeks. I've been reminded how good some of the first series episodes are. OK, except for the one where I said to B, "This looks like a VTTBOTS episode to me", just before Arch Whiting (Sparks) turned up as an engineer-type character. That was "The Alternative Factor" in case you're curious - worth avoiding.

So this afternoon B suggested that we watch "Star Trek: Nemesis" together, since he'd found a second-hand copy at Cash Converters. "You don't have to watch the whole movie if you don't want to... just a little..."

Hah. Try getting up and away when your bf has his gorilla-arms wrapped around you and isn't letting go. His pain is mine, apparently.

116 minutes:

"It's Sand Raiders on wheels... It's mad Max... it's the Gulf War... it's (post cliff-hop) the most unbelievably unbelievable escape I've ever seen"

"Don't they remember Lore?"

"What... Picard says it's OK to transfer Data's memories? That's stupid!"

"Remans look like Nosferatu" "No, they look like Orcs"

"She's a Romulan captain? Look at that posing. Bring in Sarah Douglas!"

(Riker's fight with the Viceroy): "It's 'Aliens' - watch out for the grating!.... No, it's 'Galaxyquest' - watch out for the limitless drop!"

"So it's possible to be viciously rammed and back out again without dragging your enemy with you... woo hoo, new physics!"

"Gee, Romulan vessels have wide corridors"

At the (Excalibur-esque) climax: "You've got 30 seconds and you spend most of them on sentimentality?"

I want 'em back. Every damn minute.

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