kiwisue (kiwisue) wrote,

Reality Bites

I said about 3 weeks ago that I might be off-line for a while because Brett & I are moving house. Well, we've shifted almost everything that could be moved in boxes, and the professionals (No, not THOSE Professionals - I've seen what they do to furniture :-) are coming in on Saturday for the big stuff, so it's real. We can't get confirmation of our internet cut-over yet. It could be a few days or more. We're going to leave one computer here until the 2nd, which is our deadline rental agreement-wise, and provided the connection lasts that long, as we have to come back to clean the walls etc.

If you are reading the friends-locked fic, there's been a major update to Part 3, and I have realised that part 4 needs a lot of work as well. This will happen over the next few weeks. It will still be unbetaed (God, that's such an ugly word).

Speaking of editors/betas, as a complete novice, how does one go about finding a suitable, willing one?
Tags: house&home, writing

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