kiwisue (kiwisue) wrote,

It's been a very good weekend. Nothing remarkable happened - we cleared up most of the back yard, which was looking very weedy and neglected, replaced the television antenna and cleaned some windows. I rang my parents.

Dad had his femoral bypass surgery last week. I called my parents today to see how things were progressing. He got out of hospital Thursday, but had to go to A&E on Friday because of some swelling. Turned out it wasn't anything bad, and he's doing better, he's up and around. The ulcers on his heel and toe are healing now they've got some proper blood supply. My nephew has learned to drive the ride-on mower and has done the lawns.

My sister has bought a Connemara mare, but she's in Queensland and Fiona can't bring her to NZ until the equine flu epidemic is over.

I wrote several emails that I'd been neglecting for way too long.

I met an old workmate (from the mid 80's) in the local supermarket, and remembered her name. We spent a little time chatting about the other people we worked with, back then. She lives locally, so I should see her again sometime.

For the first time in ages I felt up to the task of revising a long story that I wrote when I knew sod all, when I first came into fandom (in other words, it was horrible). I'd done some puddling around, fixing the obvious, but yesterday I decided I needed to do a proper outline, which I hadn't done the first time. I now think it will work, with a lot of changes.

I watched part of the RWC final (I'd forgotten it was on, and antenna fixing kinda happened in the middle of the broadcast). Agreed with Dad that it wasn't the most exciting match ever - but I might still download the whole thing to watch later.

I love spring in Sydney, even if it does tend to give me hives (but I don't have them today, so more yay!).

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