kiwisue (kiwisue) wrote,

I'm back. So much seen and done in 2 short weeks - so many memories. I have 5 days to recover before I have to return to work so hopefully I'll avoid the funk I sank into after my May/Nattercon adventure. Good intentions at least.

Here's something: a bookstore at Venice Beach that I fell in love with. Small World Books is "an unusual purveyor of literature dedicated to the principle that the book you wanted is the book you should have". No stands full of multiple copies of the latest best sellers - instead, hundreds of linear feet filled with every sort of book you can imagine. Fearing the packing problem to come, I only bought 2 books: Point of Hopes by Melissa Scott and Lisa A Barnett and (on a whim) Will in the World by Stephen Greenblatt. I'm halfway through the former and enjoying it very much.


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