kiwisue (kiwisue) wrote,

Before my trip to England I had a work car. While I was away, the Area got rid of 10% of the fleet, including mine. So, once I got back, I had to take B's car to and from work while I looked for a vehicle for myself. I decided on a lease because (a) I have a bad track record with used cars, and I wanted something reliable, and (b)I could salary package it and save the tax on the running costs.

For one reason or another the lease took twice as long as it should have to organise. B was very twitchy by the end of it (as was I - the Magna wagon was way too big for maneuvering in and out of hospital car park spaces on a daily basis)! The first car that arrived at the dealers had to be sent back due to some damage, then my real car arrived just over a week ago.

Meet BCT-45D!
Meet BCT-45D!

So I guess this is the car I was meant to have! *g*
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