kiwisue (kiwisue) wrote,

I wish that life would stop hurting my friends

This will only be of interest to people in the Aus reenactment scene who know Stan Greaves, a long-time NSW reenactor, member of '1066' and 'The Routiers'. Not so active recently due to family obligations.

According to an email from the Pike & Musket Society Captayne sent at 6:46 last night:

"Stan has been admitted to hospital.
At 3 to 4 am today he was admitted to Concord hospital after waking up talking nonsense, jibberish, etc ( you might say that sounds normal for Stan). During the day he was then transferred to RPA Camperdown to be assessed by Neuro type specialists as Elaine was informed he has blood on the brain. At this stage he has been unconscious during the day."

Sounds like a ruptured aneurysm, which is real bad. Waiting for info.

ETA: Saturday am: "conscious but drowsy, still spouting gibberish (?normal for Stan). 5-10 ml blood on brain, testing for source of leak (sorry, mechanics talk), will know by tomorrow if surgery required."

I love my captayne, and that is much better news.

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