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*waves* to everyone who commented on my last post: this is (sort of)the continuation. More of a logistics report than anything else, but I started making lists & couldn't stop!!! After all, the difficulties of supplying an army in the field are well known, less so the requirements for keeping a handful and a half of Pros fans amused for an entire weekend *g*

Articles Deployed
- 1 silver Capri, borrowed.
- 3 laptops, for internet connectivity (we 'voted for Pros' all weekend!) and playing DVD's
- 4 cameras
- 1 video projector
- 4 / fanzines
- 1 copy of 'Shut It'
- 15 episode novelisations
- 6 Professionals LWT Annuals
- 1 program from Jesus Christ, Superstar (the 'Murphy' performance)
- The Complete Professionals
- Film cells from Who Dares Wins
- Recordings of Martin & Lewis ('Take it Out on Time, etc)
- 1 Corgi Capri
- 7 'B Squad' tops
- 12 'B Squad' wine glasses
- 6 keyrings
- 3 'B Squad' mugs
- 7 ' B Squad' ID cards

- 1 jam roll
- Many vanilla slices
- Dark coffee chocolate
- Late night chilli pizza on Saturday (the best kind - also stretched to breakfast the next morning, for those who needed a pick-me-up)
- huge quantities of chips & dips & nuts (honey chilli cashews... mmmm!)
- 1 bottle of Glenfiddich (went to the Capri owner)
- 1 bottle Laphroiag
- 1 bottle champagne
- 4 bottles Victorian riesling
- beers, various
- A dozen cans of Cougar Zero (bloody ring-ins! - naming no names...:-)
- coffee, tea, Black Panadol

Eps - Wild Justice, Call Girl
Other -Miss Anglia 1979 *g*, various song vids & slideshows
Eps - A Hiding To Nothing, Slush Fund, A Stirring of Dust, Not a Very Civil Civil Servant
Movies - Who Dares Wins, parts of Macbeth & The Scarlet Pimpernel
TV - The Cuckoo Waltz eps 1 & 2
Other - vids & slides & the boys singing *g*

- The couch, which lost a leg on the final morning (well, it was a bit bent to begin with!)
- Shaz's diet
- various livers
- aesthetics (the multiple piles o'pears in the hotel corridor)

- US! What a great crew. Seriously!
- The Hotel - questionable decorative elements aside, it was perfect for what we needed - comfy, and very, very private!
- various restaurants - the Noury, the Belgian Beer Cafe, Dragon Court - where they fed us well and didn't blink too much at the ID's and tops
- G and his Capri - what a nice man (what a lovely car)
- Discovering the Flying Ducks on Jennifer Black's jacket, thanks to the remastered CD's and enhanced wall projection (2 of them flapping away on her lapel - naturally we all wondered what happened to the third).
- The wall projection also worked well to enhance certain favourite moments. The chorus of cheers as Bodie leaped over the Capri bonnet in HTN was marvellous *g*.
- almost naked van Niekirk (rather tasty for a villain, I thought).

Oh hell, over to someone else. I could go on all night, but I'd better not... maybe some pics in a little while...
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