kiwisue (kiwisue) wrote,

Journal catch-up time. I've been here just over 24 hours :-)

QF5 to Singapore and QF9 to London were good flights. There was almost no waiting for the connecting flight in Singapore - off one aircraft and onto the next. Total time in the air, 21:20. I had a middle section seat at first, then from Singapore I had an aisle seat and the person sitting next to me was upgraded, leaving her seat free and her blanket for me to use. That was handy because I was sitting right across from a service area and it was drafty! The 'plane had movies and TV "on demand" - I don't know how long this has been around, but it's wonderful! No more missing the start of movies, or crucial bits of the plot because of PA announcements or toilet/exercise breaks, you just start again where you left off.

- "Becoming Jane", a 'fic-pic' about the young Jane Austen, was enjoyable and conveyed a reasonable sense of late 18th century English society (certainly on a par with the better film adaptations of her novels).
- "El Laberinto del fauno"; set in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War, is the story of a young girl obsessed with fairy tales and what happens when her mother remarries a Fascist captain who brings them to live with him at his field headquarters. When the girl arrives she finds a magic labyrinth and, within the labyrinth, a faun. The brutal, violent world of her step-father, dedicated to destroying the last of the Republican rebels against Franco, and the beautiful but dangerous world of the faun, and possibly of the girl herself, are interwoven from that moment. . It's scary, often bloody and cruel, but there are wonderful moments of love, and true courage (I especially liked Mercedes, the housekeeper who is also a spy for the rebels). *Yep, I loved it, gonna go and buy the DVD now*
- about 5 episodes of 'Hustle', which I hadn't watched more than 15 minutes of before now. Enjoyable fluff. I did like the naked boys in Trafalgar Square (yes, I'm shallow).

And I read about half of "Naming of the Dead", which I'm pretty impressed with so far.

byslantedlight proved she's a true star by getting up at a god-awful hour to pick me up from Heathrow. I arrived safely at Oak Tree Cottage and it's lovely, as are its inhabitants. A nap in the afternoon and a trip to Tescos (where we bought many naughty things including some Gooseberry Fool, yum), interneting & nattering (in preparation for Nattercon, you see) and finally to bed with fic!

Today... I woke way too early, but didn't let myself get out of bed until 6 a.m. ...not sure what we're going to do yet(feels carefree and holiday-ish).
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