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Lost dog and '300'

*general moaning & groaning*

So I thought this weekend would be a nice catching-up time after the hectic preparations for and exhausting time spent at the XIV Australasian Medieval Conference. Emails, admin, blah, blah...


Yesterday, I got up early and started with good intentions. Remembered to get out stewing beef from 'fridge, did something with it (unsure whether it will be edible, but who knows). Rang J in Canberra for J in Coventry's email & had a nice long chat. Replied to some emails. Then Dr D rang - he'd lost his whippet, Connor (again). He'd gone walking around Lapstone Park on Friday evening with his 3 dogs and, during a furious descent of a steepish slope, Connor vanished into the bush. Couldn't be seen & didn't come when called. Dr D works weekend on-call at a vet clinic, so he tried to call his flatmate to search for the little lad, but said flatmate wasn't answering the 'phone. He asked me to drive around to check - nope, no sign of non-doggy life. B & I then volunteered to do the search instead, although we were uncertain whether Connor would respond to us as he's a nervous little animal at the best of times. Anyway, we drove down Mitchell's Pass & walked along the broad path towards the Knapsack Viaduct, calling Connor's name and whistling. After a bit we met an Irish girl who said a whippet had come out to play with her dogs, but had gone back into the bush on the NW side of the path. We took some of the side trails, with no success. Then on our way back I decided to check out a clearing on the other side of the path. B was dubious but I went anyway (hee - sometimes being a stubborn cow is an advantage) and lo, Connor came trotting out at my call. He was shaking like anything, poor lamb, but we eventually persuaded him to come over to us and he settled enough for B to pick him up and carry him back to the car. Dr D was appropriately grateful (but I told B to tell him I expect pizza in our near future *g*).

We'd already planned to meet with Sydney Ancients Society friends to see '300' but all the doggy-hunting made us miss pre-movie coffee/meal. The after-movie coffee & gelato session was good though. There's nothing like it - sitting with a bunch of historically minded folk deconstructing a movie based on a comic book based (very loosely) on a piece of history documented by Herodotus.

The movie was extremely silly. OK, it was also heroic in parts, so take your pick. Elements nicked, for all I could tell, from David Gemmell, LOtR and Star Wars (well that's comics for you). Check out the goat drummer sitar player in the cantina band Xerxes' tent scene. And although the movie is extremely faithful to the comic, which was published in the late '90's, I think we were all aware that there was something contemporarily creepy and not-right about the Immortals being dressed like 8th century Arabs with what looked like metal Kabuki masks covering their faces.

Let's not mention the penciled-in six-packs all the Spartans wore. Pity they didn't move like real abdominal muscles.

I need some Stelios/Astinos ("got your back" - yay!), or Leonidas/anyone slash to ward off the relentless non-slashiness of the rest of it - although I rather liked Queen Gorgo.

Found this link:
which pretty much says it all.

Right, back to Saturday's tasks. Except for Yahoo mail, which is playing up again *headdesk*.

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