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Not (quite) the PSPC post either

I'm fascinated by the thought of all the incomplete Pros stories out there; poor little orphans in rags, shivering in the cold, just waiting for someone to pick them up and take them somewhere warm *g*. If I find one, I have to read it, even though I know I'll be disappointed by its incompleteness.

So when lj users nellhowell, helenraven and msmoat posted WIP's a while ago, I read them all, avidly. Then I found a couple more, and listmania struck...

Teamwork by Helen Raven

Cold Spring by Angelfish Archivist

In the Ghetto by Nell Howell

Untitled by PFL

Picture Perfect by Goodnightlady

Burnt Boats and Broken Hearts by Zoe Rayne (sequel to A Call of Nature by M Fae Glasgow)

Some authors said they had no intentions of finishing their work. Thankfully, most of them then went on to explain where they had intended to go with the story. I like that - somehow it means I can more easily use my own imagination to fill in the blank space beyond that last word on the screen...

Does anyone else feel like that? Or do you automatically avoid all WIPs?

ETA: byslantedlight reckons this should be counted as a PSPC post, so yay - only one to go - will get it done!
Tags: slash, slash proliferation challenge, the_professionals
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