kiwisue (kiwisue) wrote,

Notes on a Scandal

Rain and thunderstorms yesterday afternoon. I visited some friends who announced that they wanted to go to a film. Agreed, but then we had to work out which one. Various choices ("Rocky Balboa", "Ghost Rider") were rejected outright by all of us. A couple of people wanted "Music and Lyrics" and I suggested "The Good Shepherd", but in the end L decided for all of us that we would see "Notes on a Scandal".

I enjoyed it very much. It's a psychological drama and Judi Dench and Cate Blanchett are amazing throughout. The tension, the "what's going to happen next" wavers a little in the middle, but there's a worthwhile climax and a slightly creepy but satisfying ending.

Other parts played by:
Tom Georgeson (Ted Mawson) - Pymar in Need to Know and Reed in In the Public Interest
Philip Davis (Brian Bangs) - Billy Turner in Old Dog New Tricks
Jill Baker (Sheba’s Mother) - Amanda in Hijack

Afterwards, an OK meal and a couple of drinks at 'The Red Cow' in Penrith.

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