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Icon Drabble

From an idea promulgated by moth2fic: The instruction is to write a drabble, exactly
100 words, based on your default icon. No cheating and switching icons for the purpose!

He watched the water flow across stones weathered smooth over millennia of unrelenting cold and ice, between stream banks tinged with the russet of the bog iron that long-ago sailors had smelted into nails to mend their vessels. He could almost feel their presence, imagine the boats hauled up, over on the rocky strand, wool and skin-clad men working doggedly while the wind blew in freezing gusts off the Labrador Straits.

He shivered, then his companion wrapped an arm around his shoulders and he leant towards him, finding comfort. Here, at this cold end of the earth, there was warmth.

The picture is one I took in June 2004, on a trip to Newfoundland. We travelled up the peninsula to the only known Viking settlement in North America, at L'Anse Aux Meadows. It was bloody cold :-)

The drabble is fandom neutral *g*. Imagine away! being me, I imagine Bodie & Doyle... although what they're doing there, who knows.

Facts: the settlement was discovered in 1961. It was declared a National Historic Site in 1977. The Visitors Centre opened in 1984.

ETA I've decided to dedicate this drabble to a certain NFLD Pros fan who has been making me happy lately with her story discussion contributions on Pros-Lit. *waves to MaDonna*

ETAMinor word adjustment :-)

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