kiwisue (kiwisue) wrote,

Good God!!! Here I am watching cricket again - NZ vs England this time. England just made a fielding error, turning a 2 into a 4 (Plunkett, I think) and Oram hit a 6. Almost the end of the innings and Monty Panesar the best of the England crew in the bowling (I like Monty :-).

Oooh, no! I was going to do emails and such...

ETA Another 6! Woo hoo (sorry londonronnie)!

ETA 2 bloody good run outs.. Oram retires hurt, a great pity...

ETA (are you getting sick of this :-)! Bowlers are getting the upper hand. I'm getting distracted. Vettori looks like an ex-lover of mine from 1978... except my bloke had curly hair (yes, indeed)...

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