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Life in 2007 is shaping up...

Not really!!!! But B left his stressful job late last year and since then he's been using his long service and holiday leave to catch up with friends, do a few things around the house and generally recuperate. He says he's taking a practice run at retirement, a dozen or so years early. Predictably, he's getting bored. Putting off looking for work just a while longer, he's decided to take a 5 week holiday in the States, in February. This is what the trip looks like so far:
- 28th Jan, fly to San Francisco. Visit friends in Modesto.
- Visit Las Vegas (because it's there)
- Drive to Flagstaff AZ - to stay with friends
- Drive east and south, heading towards Florida - route uncertain, probably weather dependent.
- North to Yorktown, stay with a friend, visit Washington, Williamsburg, Jamestown
- North again, with intentions of visiting a friend in Youngstown Ohio, taking a trip to Boston and flying back from New York in early March. Or possibly later.

I'm more than a little jealous. Luckily I get my own back later... and there is something to be said for Peace and Quiet, as long as it doesn't last for too long *g*

Three possibilities in the one (anniversary) year: Nattercon, Close Quarters and ZebraCon! Unfortunately I can't do them all. I thought about ways and means, but in the end there wasn't much choice. Back in '05 my AMFAS travelling companion, Karen, and I agreed we'd go to ZebraCon, as it was the last and Karen remembered attending one of the first ones, years ago. That was one trip decided. Next - well, I've wanted to go to Nattercon ever since I found out about it, so that was the second done. So, much as I'd love to go to Close Quarters, I simply can't do it, although I hope lots of you attend and make it a terrific con. And if you are going to Nattercon or ZCon (or even if you're palely loitering in the vicinity) I'm looking forward to catching up with you.

We bought a brand new computer for downstairs because the old one was Windows '98 and wouldn't run all the cool stuff anymore. I can now do downloads and burn DVD's and stuff I used to have to wait until B was not playing games on the upstairs computer to do. We almost have a new laptop, which B is going to take with him to the States so he can email me without needing to find an internet cafe - well, not just so he can email me, but you get the idea. And later I can take it on my travels, which is very exciting (those on my flist who have been doing this for ages may now laugh loudly).

I can also run a number of messenger and voice communication programs that I couldn't before and it's the implications of having and using some of these that I'm finding just a little daunting.

I've had Yahoo Messenger for a while but I tend to leave myself invisible most of the time. It's not that I'm antisocial, I just don't like the idea of having a sign hanging out that says "I'm here, ping me". Now we have AIM as well, and I'm trying to work out if you can do the lurking thing the same way. So far I haven't solved the problem (why is on-line help for these things.. so very unhelpful?) and this means that AIM is turned off most days.

And now this here 'puter is also running Skype and Gizmo. B has a webcam set up and he's been Skypeing his buddy in Yorktown already. He suggested I call someone. I demurred, and we had a 'conversation' (paraphrased...)
Me: Show me how it works first.
Him: I can't do that, you have to call somebody.
Me: I don't think I can... (*I know I'll make a bloody fool of my self if I do this right now, so no way, Jose*)
Him: But it's really cool, and we'll be able to use it when I'm away...
Me: (*I get phone-phobic when I get tense*) This is worse than a phone... I haven't a clue what all this does...
Him: *fails understanding*

This mild anxiety problem of mine has never stopped me using new applications, but I do need time to learn the various functions and get comfortable with them. And who am I saddled with but Mr Impatience himself!!!! Grrrr...

Today we travel south to near Braidwood to check out our group's camping site for this year's Easter Medieval Convention. Clearing scrub - now that I can handle *g*.
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