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Cricket - does anyone remember...

1 February 1981. One Day International, Australia vs. New Zealand. Last ball, NZ at bat, 8 wickets down and needing a 6 to tie.

Bruce Edgar was at one end on 102, but facing the bowler was Brian McKechnie, ex-All Black, middle speed bowler, not a first class batsman but a big hitter. Greg Chappell ordered his brother Trevor to bowl underarm to prevent the 6.

I saw it in real time and was enthralled, horrified and mesmerised in sequence by the badness of it all. I thought it was incredibly unsporting, but (strangely) I also understood why Greg Chappell made the decision.

"By any means necessary" - George Cowley.

OK, help me out here, UK people. Was that Australia/NZ one-day series shown on UK TV, to cheer you through the winter? Do you (or your cricket-loving partners or friends) have any memories of watching it as it happened, or in delayed telecast?

I Need To Know.

This YouTube link is for those who don't have any idea what I'm talking about (short version)

(longer version)
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