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Spoilers for episode 1:06 under the cut.

Just watched. Not the wisest thing to do alone, when I'm the kind of person who finds the horror genre "ramping up" of tension terrifying. No matter how badly done. This was about 4 out of 10 on the bad terror scale, but still freaky.

I have to say it. They Are Stupid Folks. The keys in the car? Tosh dropping her weapon (meat hook) when I don't recall her being told to? All reactive action, complete lack of planning or strategy. I can't help feeling they don't know what they're doing when it comes to what Pros would call "field work".

They all need a dose of Macklin, stat *g*.

I agree with the people who said that this was one case Gwen could actually talk about with others. Regular police involved, humans...

And Owen/Gwen? Am I the only person on the planet who thinks that she hasn't actually shagged him yet (although she's definitely thinking about it), and that the last scene was a bit of fantasy? Because... shot, OK? That one injection (and it was only given in one place, not going to do much for the rest - that was a fairly wide spread of pepper) wouldn't have lasted. Does Owen have a utility belt? 'Cos I'm not sure where the med stuff came from, since the vehicle was stolen.

Also, why are they giving JB almost all the heavy lifting, all the "mean guy" stuff? Because it's not his strength. Seriously. Jack is starting to annoy me, and I like JB. EM does heaps better. They need a different balance.

And, finally, how many tents do they need? There's only 5 of them and the ATV is big enough to act as their tech centre.

I'm still downloading and enjoying most of it. But it hasn't given me wings yet.


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