kiwisue (kiwisue) wrote,

A lovely day today. It was L's birthday so she hosted a garden party with a 'village fair' theme. Hats and summery frocks obligatory (for the ladies). Most of the blokes went 'country comfort'; moleskins and akubras. Dr D dressed up like a livestock judge - god knows where he got his tie! He brought Connor, the misadventurous whippet, with him. Poor thing now has the cast off, but his leg is permanently stiffened and he really only uses it to balance on.

There was home brew (the ginger beer was particularly fine); a 'biggest vegetable' competition that somehow amalgamated itself with the 'vegetable most like something else' one, which apparently allowed for manipulations. Dr D won the latter with an ambiguous combination of a symmetrically curvy butternut pumpkin and a very large white radish. W and I thought it looked like one of two things - both smutty, but we had different POV's. The judges called it a 'hammer' and someone else thought it looked like a croquet mallet.

Lots of fun.

Not looking forward to work tomorrow :-(

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