kiwisue (kiwisue) wrote,

I keep painting myself into corners:

“Why do you stay in the Bay? There’s not a lot here for a bright woman like you.”

At first it seemed as though George wasn’t going to answer. She looked annoyed for a moment, then thoughtful.

“I went away to boarding school, and to university. Had a job in Exeter for a while as well. But I kept coming back here, even after my parents left. It’s where I’ve always been happiest. And there was Martin. I met him when we were both young, and he had been adopted by the lighthouse keeper after his guardian was sent to jail. We never married,” her small laugh sounded regretful, “because I couldn’t bear to promise to obey anyone. But we loved each other. He had a heart problem and he died three years ago.”

For a little while there was no sound, apart from the hum of the motor.

“I’m sorry.” Bodie said. Without thinking, he turned to look at Doyle and found his partner’s eyes observing him closely.

“He was a lovely man,” she continued, “a bit of a misfit, like I used to be. He was an artist and he painted wonderfully well.”

So now get out of that! Say sorry again? Something really maudlin ('cos that's all I can think about this time of night)? Aaaaaaargh!
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