kiwisue (kiwisue) wrote,

Hastings 2006

So... I haven't seen any news later than this

I guess this means no-one got killed. Now a fatal accident is entirely unlikely, Brit re-enactment safety standards being what they are... (this is supposed to be sarcastic. Aus/NZ re-enactors think that the Brits fight like Big Girls Blouses. OTOH we are all scared sh**lessawed by the mad bastards from East of Berlin).

More likely that folk are waiting for hangovers to subside.

Steven Lowe, a participant from New Zealand, said: "The feeling of being in line, defending a hill against thousands of people coming up against you, the feeling of disorientation, the feeling of the group spirit, it's wonderful."

Welcome to the ranks of the Aotearoans, Eggy :-) Just get off your pedestal now, like a good boy, or there'll be another assassination attempt PDQ.

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