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Journalspam (2): Wellington

I mentioned before that I like Wellington. Here's some reasons why. Let's not think about the converging fault lines, OK!

Karori bushland Karori bushland

Looking east from my aunt's house.
Karori cemetery, Wednesday Karori cemetery, Wednesday

Across the road from my aunt's house. 40 hectares of gravesites, mostly old, many famous. It's a lot better cared for than when I was a student. I enjoyed the occasional sunny morning curled up in the long grass studyingdaydreaming.
Looking across Port Nicholson, Thursday Looking across Port Nicholson, Thursday

Wellington in a (briefly) sunny mood. Stately Luthor Manor is somewhere in the background.
Civic Square Civic Place

The suspended metal ball is made up of connected silver ferns. I like the architecture in the background. Welllington buildings aren't particularly tall (earthquake building code) but some of them are interesting.
Taken on the same day as the shot above, with added cloud cover.
Friday Friday

Taken from Another Place, sometime before the day's end.
Wellington Airport, Foggy Monday Wellington Airport, Foggy Monday

That's my plane (I think). Taken from the domestic terminal, where I was waiting with mum. Her flight, a connecting service, was cancelled because the plane couldn't land.


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