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A get_together of another sort; my mother, my aunt and, for a brief afternoon, a family cousin. Dragging out of photos, arguments about whether my grandfather did walk 6 miles from the farm to play a game of Rugby one Saturday, whether great-aunt Ivy was the prettiest girl in her school... Not much that was new, but fascinating to listen to all the same.

I took some snaps of old photos. To spare you all, behind the cut...

Great Grandfather Walter Great Grandfather Walter

b. 24.3.1863
Died in an accident while clearing bush at Waimaha in 1912.
My Grandfather's family My Grandfather's family

Front: Great grandparents, Walter and Lizzie
Back: Winnie, Fred (killed in action, Gallipoli, 25 April 1915), Len (my grandfather), George, Ivy.
Ann Haycock Ann Haycock

Walter's grandmother. Born Wales (Kerry or Newtown) 1805. Married James abt 1828. They understated their ages to qualify for free passage to New Zealand in 1842.

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