kiwisue (kiwisue) wrote,

Hello from Wellington, where it's overcast with scattered showers(surprise!) but for once not particularly windy.

and before anyone hits me, Wellington is one of my favourite NZ cities, alongside Dunedin & Christchurch. I lived here for a year back in '77 (see, I am old) and although the last time I visited was in the mid 80's, it doesn't seem to have changed a lot. Most of the newer houses look a lot like the old ones. They still have trolley buses, although they've changed all the silver currency for a smaller size and done away with the 5c coin.

I'm here for get_together and visiting rels.

- After the windstorms and power blackout on the weekend left me with hours of work unfinished, I had to revise travel plans. Apart from anything else, a fair bit of my planned wardrobe sat in a washing machine full of cold soapy water for most of Sunday.
- Monday night I finished most of my work by 1:00. In bed by 2:00 after packing (or piling stuff next to the pack, because my brain was so dead I couldn't concentrate on what I was doing.
- Tuesday morning: up at 5:00 am. Tossed clothes, toiletries in bag. Raced around trying to find the jeans I was sure I'd washed. Couldn't find them - decided to go shopping in WGTN. Grabbed a couple of vids, passport, notebook, camera. Gave a very sleepy B a quick kiss goodbye, then off.
- drove the car to Blacktown & left it outside the pool compound. Waited for booked cab. Waited quite a long time and started to get worried. Called Qantas & had a late msg put on the system. Got a lecture about check in times, bleh. If I could have I would have, OK?
- cab arrived finally and got me to the airport 1 hour before the flight. As I entered the check-in queue the call went out for passengers on my flight, so I raised my hand & was hustled to the express check in. Got through check-in and customs with 10 minutes to spare before boarding.
- Had a good flight. We arrived early but, due to a southerly wind, were kept circling over the Wairarapa for 15 minutes or so. The approach was a little bumpy, but not too bad by Wellington standards.
- Wellington airport is being renovated. Again. I don't think I've ever been through here when they weren't constructing or altering something.
- Mum & Shirley met me at the airport & drove to Mirimar, to have afternoon tea with my cousin I. Turns out the quiet little block they used to live on is now right across the road from Weta studios and Peter Jackson's new home/office is not far away.
- I hadn't seen Shirley for years and, as with Bob & Peg last year, was surprised how bent and frail she looks now. She and Mum are in their 80's and both are going deaf. Neither of them wears their hearing aids the whole time, they just shout at each other. But I'm not used to it - so it was very disconcerting when at dinner last night I said something and both of them leaned right over the table towards me, fixing me with that intent, almost beady, stare of the hearing impaired.
- Shirley keeps wanting to give me food, fruit or drinks. Mum keeps telling her I can look after myself. This is funny, because when I visit my parents, Mum is the one doing the hostess-hovering. Actually the two of them are quite a double act, if a bit maddeningly slow about things. I think they'll have more rels lined up for afternoon visits today, but I wasn't going to wait around for them to decide which ones:-) This is why I am here at this cyber-cafe on Lambton Quay, in between buying jeans (done) and having a haircut (next). OK, better get moving.


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