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A question of characters

OK, this started out discussion-wise on byslantedlight's journal but I thought I'd post here.

Exactly who is who?
Right. Watched the DVD screen credits & copied them down. Excluded the obvious/known male characters (Arthur, Gino, Forrest, Crabbe). This left the following characters:

Parking Attendant

I found Internet photos of the following to match both the credit on the DVD and the Hatstand transcript:
Parking attendant = Peter Pacey, Stephen Pacey's brother
Inspector = Neville Barber.
Padgett (Forrest's business associate) = Robert Dorning.

Now the fun begins. These are the other parts and the actors credited:
Haskell: Actor credited = John Bay. In the Hatstand transcript Haskell is the "man in a suit" who tells Doyle that Arthur Pendle is "a vicious little swine". This is probably correct (both ways). I will ignore Haskell for the time being.
Phipps: Actor credited = Anthony Bailey. The Hatstand transcript lists Anthony Phipps, presumably a typo. His character is the only one on the list above to be mentioned by name, other than Padgett, so we KNOW he's the dark haired Crabbe associate working with the blonde guy who ISN'T Ed Bishop. If anyone's got 'Thunderball', the actor has a part in it as an (uncredited) radar operator, according to IMDB. And he's done other things.

Grant: Actor Credited = James Bree. This guy's been in Dr Who (in The Trial of a Time Lord as The Keeper of the Matrix; Full Circle as Nefred and The War Games As the Security Chief) but I can't find a decent photo to match and confirm which character he played in this episode.
MacNeill: Actor credited = Alan Leith. Character not listed in the Hatstand transcript. No idea.
and an addendum
Lawton: NOT listed as a credit on the DVD. Hatstand transcript character listed only, no actor credit.

And the most confusing of all:
Braddock: Actor credited = Ed Bishop.
The confusion is because the Hatstand transcript of the episode gives scenes to Braddock that Ed Bishop doesn't appear in. From the transcript:
1. With Mr Phipps:
BRADDOCK: What the hell do we have to do to get this guy?
2. At Crabbe's flat:
BRADDOCK: You better know, sonny.
3. In the garage:
He (Crabbe) runs towards Arthur, but Braddock manages to shoot Arthur from behind.
These scenes are played by the blonde guy who ISN'T Ed Bishop.

In the Hatstand transcript Ed Bishop's character name is Grant:
GRANT: He's an ex-Mafia accountant. Twenty years ago, we put the finger on him. But he turned states evidence provided we set him up with a new identity. Change of face, change of scene.

So if Bishop's character is really Braddock, what is Phipp's partners name? And who played him?

Is The Hatstand transcript wrong? If the source included, say, shooting scripts as well as the aired episodes, did they split the roles of the FBI agents and Crabbe's associates at some point to create 2 new characters?

Gotta admit I'm very curious about this one.

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