kiwisue (kiwisue) wrote,

pre-30th anniversary showdown

baralier reckons Luke Skywalker with The Force plus light-sabre beats Bodie with a Browning Hi-Power anyday. (OK, I admit to provoking him)

Go Play. Be Silly. Keep it (reasonably) clean. R yes, X(NC-17) no. And no permanent injury to any of the characters, OK?

Sunday night was always fish and chips and a pint or two at Doyle's local. If they weren't on a case and if his partner was in the mood for socialising. It was never a disorienting sound and light show, with rock'n roll ground effects that threw Bodie against the brick wall in the alley outside Doyle's flat, blurred his vision and made the blood in his head pound.

Once the spots cleared from his eyes he saw a figure standing in the alley. A kid, barely in his twenties by the look of him, dressed in some sort of weird judo gear and clutching a strange weapon. It looked like a sword, but the neon flare on the blade gave Bodie pause. It couldn't be a real weapon. Yet Bodie recognised the stance; the kid was poised, ready for combat.

"Hold it!" he yelled, pulling his Browning from its holster.

The kid stood still for a moment longer before turning in Bodie's direction. His eyes flicked over the Browning, a brief assessment. Then, still silent, he started to walk towards him.


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