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Took Keith the Scot to the airport. Read the first story in "cOcks", "The Devil in Mr Pussy (Or How I Found God Inside My Wife)" by Paul Haines. Rather good. Hard to describe, without giving the game away, but here's a snippet:

Mr Pussy paused in his chomping. He sat back and nodded towards his bickies.
'What's wrong?' I knelt to pat him.
He nodded again at the bowl.
The bickies smelt meaty and spicy. According to the information on the box, they contained Semenex, a product based on L-Carnatine and L-Lysine amino acids. And, as I now knew, they helped increase sperm production.
'You want me to have some?'
Mr Pussy purred.

That Mystery Show: I have another possible contender. It's "Sierra Nine" (1963, Associated-Rediffusion, broadcast on ITV1). Would possibly have been broadcast in NZ in '64 or '65, definitely no earlier.
A 13-part British children’s program about three young scientists. They were part of a watchdog organization named Sierra Nine that protected the world from anyone trying to cause harm with scientific methods.

Anyone remember this one?

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