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Gacked from caffyolay and nakeisha

What is your main cell phone ring-tone?
Newcastle (English Country Dance). It's an old phone & I had to put the notes in by hand, but I disliked most of the presets.

What is your default LJ icon?
A picture of a stream near the remains of the Viking settlement at L'Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland.

What station is your car radio permanently tuned to?
I have a bunch of stations programmed, including: WSFM (for traffic reports), Nova, 702 for the ABC, Radio National, a couple of classical music stations & Koori radio. But I usually leave the radio off. The noise annoys.

What is your computer desktop image?
The Big Knights *g*. At work I have a selection of Pros wallpapers.

Is there something you wear every single day?
My spectacles.

I wish I had a tracking device on:
Can't think of anything.

What page does your internet browser open with?

This item never leaves my car/purse:
Life is not constant. Neither are the contents of my purse. My car, ditto.

What TV show(s) do you never miss?
Nothing at the moment. House maybe, but we don't watch it with the ads :-0

What phrase do you hear yourself repeating too often?
I would get this work done a lot more quickly if you stopped asking for reports on it every 5 minutes!

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