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I have a cup of tea beside me and I'm sitting at the computer, still in my 17th century clobber (although I've taken off the shoes - blisters, ow!). I'm exhausted and need a few more hours of sleep, but I also need a shower desperately and I don't have the energy yet. The tea is helping.

We do one of these marches every couple of years. Different routes at different times, but the "classic" is still the 20 km (12 mile) hike from Wiseman's Ferry to St Albans. "Classic" because 12 miles was the average march for a foot regiment in the 17th century. Always a hard slog, though.

I decided to wear my pike armour, but I wasn't too sure whether I'd be able to keep it on & go the whole distance. In the end I made it, although I tossed the gorget in the back of a support vehicle after a couple of hours because it was starting to wear a hole in my sternum. The tassets came off after lunch and I was sorely tempted to ditch the bloody heavy helmet as well, but managed to keep it together long enough to cross the bridge into St Albans.

It was, I suppose, an interesting learning experience. The armour stopped the pike bruising my shoulders, but hampered movement so I was quite out of breath going up some relatively shallow slopes on the road. By the end of it, my back was aching and my feet were on fire - I must remember sheepskin liners next time! *g*.

The meal and socialising afterwards was a nice reviver. J came up from Canberra to march & we had a short, slashy conversation. She's only a dabbler, but she did love Helen Raven's "Good Opinion": I promised to send her a care parcel, as she doesn't have Internet at work or home. I saw a couple of friends from the Central Coast who I hadn't had contact with for a while - as evidenced by their very sweet two year old daughter who I met for the first time.

OK, starting to fade now. Shower, then bed.


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