kiwisue (kiwisue) wrote,

Steps to attending get_together:

clear it with the SO
clear it with the Captayne but he got his pound of flesh because he made me agree to haul the pikes & Soldier's Tent to March or Die AND I have to try to do 12 miles (20k) in full kit. I am sooooo unfit! At least I have decent shoes this time :-) (speaking of MoD baralier, what are you doing that weekend? Lounging in comfort somewhere, supping cocktails?)
Organise leave - should be able to do tomorrow
Buy tickets - when should I travel? I want to see rels, but I don't want to miss any fun, so a couple of extra days would be good. arysteia, where in Wellington are you? If you have a corner to crash in during the event that would be fab (get me drunk enough & I'll sleep on anything), & I'll foist myself on a cousin or two for the rest. Or all of it, if you're pushed for space. (email me with the naked truth - miranda731 at yahell dot com dot au).

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