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Mmmm... the weather is nice today, but I think (looks at To Do list) I'm going to be stuck inside for most of it.

1. Sort ALHF renewal paperwork. Cheques in banking pile. Forms in folder under club name. Update member spreadsheet. Send M a back-up copy. Print letters to be sent with receipts. Ring M about card printing & receipts.
2. Write up notes from Holium laser demo yesterday, before I forget.
3. Go through work notes & have more panic attacks about things I've forgotten to do.
4. Ring W about firewood. Maybe go pick some up. Busted some blocks that were sitting around the backyard instead. This'll keep.
5. Do shopping, washing, the usual. Shopping check, washing, 3 loads, check. D (Son of Satan) called me while I was at the supermarket & invited himself & L around this evening. Strike most other plans, I gotta clean house & cook. Do the rest tomorrow.
6. Find receipt for breadmaker, which has decided to die on me :-(
7. Catalogue search for an additional wardrobe for the bedroom.
8. Clean/fix gear that's been lying around since Winter Camp in readiness for "March or Die"
9. Do something about the mess that is the hall cupboard, the library, the spare room.

and maybe if I'm lucky:

10. Write some more. 1 long story, 2 drabbles in the works.
11. Finish comments I've promised someone.
12. Watch Hazy Shades of Winter about 10 more times, because it's about Doyle, and it's fab.

ETA: And...
13. Draft letter to Vic DOJ about ALHF's gazetted exemption under Prohibited Weapons legislation (and how to keep it when we change from Australian to Australasian).
14. Print off & fill in NSW forms for changing name.
15. Organise new committee meeting.
16. Set up group email for dance group. Routiers_Dance set up.

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