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For those who don't know anything about this there is an introduction here.

A few years ago a sort of sub-group of my re-enactment society used to meet for dancing on a regular basis. Then J went o/s, a couple of people left, and I got distracted by "other things" (fannish friends will know what these were *g*). So the meeting and dancing dropped off, until we were just doing the tried and true ones at social events, maybe 3 or 4 times a year.

A few weeks ago one person who left the group resurfaced & said she really wanted to do some dancing again, so we made a date for this weekend. We chose Parramatta Park as it's reasonably central. We had a lovely time. Only a small group - 7 adults plus 2 children who joined in the simpler dances and a couple of D's bushdancing friends who came along for a look-see, but the numbers meant we could do some 4 couple and progressive dances which we haven't been able to do for ages. And we didn't stick with the usual few, but tested our brains and bodies with a couple of less familiar ones as well.

We danced:
Upon a Summer's Day
Rufty Tufty
Heart's Ease
Gathering Peascods
Picking of Sticks
Cuckolds All A-row
Geud Man of Ballangigh

We didn't dance:
Well Hall
Indian Queen
Black Alamaine
Jenny Pluck Pears
Black Nag
Mr Beveridge's Maggott
Hyde Park
Parson's Farewell
The Fryar and the Nun

so I hope our good intentions continue, because it was just so much fun to feel the music and move our feet and make the pretty patterns.

Oh, and luthien: L popped by for a little while before her taxi came to take her to the airport & I saw her photos of baby N. He's a very sweet looking little boy.


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