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This entry is my Pros writing anniversary telegram to myself. I first got involved with the fandom in October '04; it followed on from my discovery of on-line stories in other fandoms, such as Buffy, Angel, B5, B7...

Self-indulgence under the cut:

I remembered something about the show from watching it in the 80's: for some reason the 'barrow-boy' scene in Takeaway had stayed with me, as had some scenes from Involvement. But mostly it was a distant memory. Discovering it again was the most amazing, rapturous experience. I fell in love with the Lads again through the stories and life has never been quite the same since.

It was another 8 months before I started writing. I went to SinpOZium and was confronted by the prospect - but chickened out, big time :-)

Then I got an idea and...

Viking Drabble resulted.

Gotta thank tboy for the first prompt :-)

The rest of the year:
Good News Bad News
Well Hall
Sleeping on the Beach

One for summer_of_78 and
A neverending crossover with the Famous Five - which I've been working on, but which seems to grow more tentacles every day!

Other stuff:
Me Do Crack!fic? Nah!
Drabble challenge (incomplete)

It was good to let go of my fear and show myself to the world. I learned a lot, met some very generous people (one in particular I will always remember). Went through some achingly bad months as well.

I want to keep writing. But I think I'm done with easy resolution, first-time stories. I want to be a better writer. I want to write Pros the way I first enjoyed them - dangerous, hard and not at all easy on the mind.

Will see.


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