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My mind has only just returned to the 21st century  after a camping weekend away with my reenactment group.

Routier Winter Camp

Held on a property at Black Springs, near Bathurst. It's cold out there. That's good - it means we get to wear all our 17th century woollen clothing without collapsing from heat exhaustion. B had to work Friday, so we headed off Saturday morning and arrived just after drill *eg*. Found out that one camper (Helmut) had burnt his hand the night before and had gone home :-(  Luckily he wasn't hurt too badly.

Afternoon was the Captain's Cup, a shooting competition with matchlock muskets. "Wild Bill" Lincoln won for the 3rd year running. B shot well but... there are some things that one should not do with a 17th century musket. Like fire a double load of powder and ball when the second ball hasn't gone all the way down the barrel. Ouch - the barrel now looks like a snake trying to swallow a mouse. I'm just glad he wasn't hurt.

The evening turned windy and cold, rain mixed with sleet and snow. We retired to the largest tent for singing and silly conversations. Early night. Next morning was more of the same horrible weather, but it stopped in the afternoon and we had clear skies for the rest of the camp. Sunday night the temperature dropped to minus 6 degrees (Celsius). I was wearing 2 shirts, a sleeveless doublet with another doublet on top and my soldier's coat. PLus gloves and woollen cap. We slept well though, aided by wine (mulled and red). Decent bedding helped as well: a straw mattress, overlaid with sheepskins; 3 army blankets covered by a large cow hide (known since forever as "The Cow *g*).

The Camp The Camp
Huddled around the fire Huddled around the fire
Polish Boyars sabre fighting Polish Boyars sabre fighting
B cutting wood to keep warm B cutting wood to keep warm
"Wild Bill" decided to try his hand at archery

I arrived home and went to check my email/lj, thinking there wouldn't be much to read. Weekends are usually quiet. Not so! There were some 'spirited' discussions going on. Tired and more than a little unfocused, I decided not to contribute. I might say something about 'Consequences' later.
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