kiwisue (kiwisue) wrote,

Ow, Ow, Ow!

There must be better ways to get extra time off work to write my story for summer_of_78!

I drove down to Bunnings hardware at (late) lunchtime to buy tiles adhesive and grout because the downstairs shower has started to disintegrate. I was thinking about many different things - work, writing, Winter Camp (or rather, my lack of preparation for it) and how to ask the sales staff for advice without seeming to be a total idiot. So when I made a mis-step over one of those car stopping concrete blocks, at first I thought I was going to recover. But I didn't. Landed on hands and knees, and nose. The hands are OK, the knees only slightly scraped, but I thumped my nose a good 'un. When I looked up, there was blood everywhere. At least my glasses weren't broken. A helpful man offered me tissues and showed me where to find the loo to clean up.  But I needed ice, and when I got back to work I found there wasn't any in the 'fridge. My choices were to drive home (half an hour) or down to the main hospital to find an ice machine and someone prepared to give me a towel or make me up an ice pack. So (I'm not daft) I decided to go home and treat myself.

My nose doesn't appear to be broken, thankfully (it's big and ugly enough as it is)! The skin is grazed and the bridge is puffy, but it is otherwise not too painful. Interestingly, I have a slight persistent nose bleed inside my left nostril, but the right side is more painful and that's where the bruising is coming out - under the eye, so I'm starting to look like the victim of a bashing. I've been considering the sheering forces required to achieve that effect (an ice pack dribbling cold water onto your cheek can lead to weird thoughts).

Bugger! Means I'll have to get out the make-up tomorrow.
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