kiwisue (kiwisue) wrote,

Recent happenings:

- bought a breadmaker yesterday ( thanks for the idea, and tested it out tonight by making a basic white loaf. It worked out fine. I felt a stab of pain for the pleasure denied, because I really like the feel of kneading dough. I've even made my own unyeasted sourdough a couple of times. But these days the preparation and the cleaning up involved are very strong disincentives. Mmmm... maybe I'll get a starter going for sourdough pancakes instead.
- went shopping for ready-made curtains for the back kitchen windows. Bad move.  I wanted curtain rings and ready mades for 2 short (1 metre high) windows. So why does no curtain/manchester type shop stock either of these? I ended up getting the rings from Bunnings and calico ready mades from Lincraft. Dead boring. Not to mention the time-wastage.
- while doing the above, paused to wonder why anyone would want feather covered pillows. There are also several varieties of Bodie style fluffy bed covers about at the moment. In polyester, no less. Ewwww. Saw a nice blueish quilt cover set in Domayne, almost bought it until I realised it had a raffia trim - WTF? Also rather entranced by the amount of stuff featuring applique and beading. Pretty, but I'm a practical girlie at heart.
- finally worked past a stopping point in my summer_of_78 story. Go me.
- B & I went to a farewell lunch today for his system administrator who is heading for Europe for an indefinite period. Anyone need a good sys admin for short term work?

Ah, that's it from me for today.

ETA: Oh, and it will be Hurricanes vs Crusaders for Super 14. An All NZ final, very nice.

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