kiwisue (kiwisue) wrote,

In my search for the best in current TV viewing I find myself in a bit of a quandary over tonight's choices.

Auntie ABC has
7.30pm The 7.30 Report - current affairs, kind of a staple if we have the TV on
8pm Catalyst - science & technology
8.30pm - Battlefield Detectives - history (they're visiting Little Big Horn tonight)
9.30pm - The West Wing - another one I've never watched

Channel Seven has
8.30pm Lost - on my list already - but Custer's Last Stand sounds tempting...

Channel Nine
7.30pm Getaway - OK I probably won't watch it - but apparently they're showing volcanic White Island (NZ) tonight, & we visited it last January

Channel Ten
7.30pm Smallville (I can live without - I prefer the fiction to the series - but hey, it's ON)
8.30pm Medium - another I've never seen. Opinions?
9.30pm Law & Order - ditto

7.30pm Inspector Rex - "Revenge" - I do like me some Rex now & again, might start off with this.

Opinions, people?

(Of course if B is playing "City of Heroes" all evening, I get to choose what I want to see. But if he decides to have a TV night, we might have to 'negotiate' *g*)

Edit: Rex won the 7:30 slot, partly because B wanted to watch too. Lots of cheering as unlikely things happened and the dog saved the day.

After, I watched 'Lost'. Hmmm. I think it would have been better to see this from the beginning, but it was alright. At 9:30 I decided I was too tired to watch L&O & went to do chores & to try to have an early night. So why am I still up at 11:00? OK, I'm going now. Thanks for the comments, guys. *Yawn*

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