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So as I was saying to someone a while back, I really haven't been watching many new TV shows recently. Just too involved in other things, I guess; moving house, living history stuff, and Pros. I did watch the new series of Dr Who, and I'm up to date with Judge John Deed, so that's something at least.

Anyway over the last week or so I decided that this state of affairs should be remedied. I should at least know what my flist is squeeing about!

What I've watched (and the verdict):

House (watched more than 1 episode. oh, this is much fun. Like many medical shows I'm not sure about their actual practice, but the funny more than makes up for it. And then there's the pretty as well)
Boston Legal (watched "Men to Boys" the other night. Definitely another winner - Bill Shatner IS Denny, I'm sure :-) It's sharp and dramatic & human and funny)
NCIS - (watched "The Voyeur's Web" - it was OK, a bit predictable, I liked a couple of the characters but I'm not particularly drawn to it. Too formulaic)
Numb3rs - (started to watch "Convergence", got totally turned off by the "math for dummies" voiceover and the scene cuts, and the silly behaviour and dialogue - I don't think I'll bother EVER again. Next week, it's 'Desperate Housewives' for me).

Still want to see

Anything else on (Sydney) TV worth watching these days?

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