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An email conversation with someone made me remember a favourite old book - "What Happened at Garry-Eustace" by Dorothea Townshend - no date, but mum received it as a prize when she was quite young, so it would have been printed before 1935. Three children, Rex, Grace and Pat, are given magical treasures as a reward by a leprechaun. And then they go on to have wonderful adventures.

The book is falling apart and I was going to start scanning pages today, but B has Done Something to the setup upstairs and either the scanner isn't currently configured or I'm doing something wrong. So I photographed one page - it's a bit muddy, but you can get the idea:

WHA Garry-Eustace 1 WHA Garry-Eustace 1

Exploring the ruined tower - of course!

So what do you think?
Worth continuing with?

edit A complete chapter (not the same as the first pic) here:
Tags: books, garry-eustace, history

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