kiwisue (kiwisue) wrote,

B took our pet Eastern Long-necked turtle Hardy to the vet today. She's had a little bit of a respiratory wheeze, which is not a good thing for her sort of animal. She's also been shedding the scutae (top "shield" layer) from her shell, which is completely normal, although a bit scary because I've never seen her do it before, and she's a beautiful glossy black underneath.

We found a beaut vet who has a practice in South Penrith and Springwood and specialises in Herpetology. He gave her a needle of antibiotics and called her beautiful and good-natured when she didn't curl up and pong on him. Hah! Try telling that to the little sow when she nips my fingers with her plates instead of grabbing her food.

And does anyone know any live bait shops in the mountains? Because she's supposed to eat live food with calcium, but the little fishes caught locally swam in her tank for weeks before they eventually disappeared. She's been known to eat bloodworms, but the only place I know is half way to Sutherland. I've fed her whitebait, but that lacks thiamine because it's been frozen, and she gets sick of it very quickly.

Given her druthers, she'd eat fillet steak & baby octopus all the time. Minx.

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