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Just back from the city, having been to see Brokeback Mountain. It was a last minute decision but, as today is Australia Day and B was in computer game mode, I thought I'd try to catch up with some folk who were going to the 12:50 session. Missed the peeps, but had a lovely time with the film.

paris7am, I didn't cry. I had a prickling of tears in my eyes almost every time Ennis did (I loved his character so much), and I had to blow my nose a couple of times on leaving, but that was it.

byslantedlight, your take on the film? Spot on the money I feel.

There's been lots written about it already, so it's down to these:

- WyomingAlberta. What a beautiful, awesome place. Some of the land reminded me of New Zealand, only vaster and with harsher weather. And bears and such.
- the acting. Great casting, excellent performances. Now I'm not really a Heath Ledger fan, but he was magnificent. The actor playing his wife was very good too.
- the characters. Very finely drawn. I already said I loved Ennis, his life story, the choices he never had and which even with Jack he feels he can't make. And Jack - so different in so many ways, more risk-taking & happy-go-lucky (at least at first) but tethered by similar ropes.
- the direction and cinematography. Flowed beautifully from one scene to the next. The sharp cuts (for the bear, the dead sheep, the dead rancher, dying Jack) were perfectly done.
- the audience. Sometimes film audiences give me the shits, because there's the coughing, and the muttering, and the mobile phones. Nope, these guys all laughed at the genuinely funny moments and actually cheered when Jack stood up to his bastard father-in-law, and were silent and engaged (well, that was the vibe) for the rest of it.

2 thoughts that I haven't already seen elsewhere:
- I really think that Ennis' dad was probably involved in killing the 2 old guys. I wonder if he was scared, not just about men with men, but maybe some deep feeling in himself (yes, very long bow here) and worried that his boy had the same tendency.
- I didn't go away from the film all downbeat. There's a perfectly placed moment just before the end where Ennis makes a tiny, but significant, actual choice. It alleviated some of the harshness and sadness.

Highly recommended.

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