kiwisue (kiwisue) wrote,

The new pantry cupboard was supposed to be delivered today. So I rang this morning to find out approximately when it would arrive. Found out it wasn't on the delivery listing - a delivery previously confirmed Thursday night. Grrrr. Put my best assertive voice on & said "well, what can you do about that?". The assistant went to talk to the manager and we arranged that he would bring it out himself if I "had someone to help him unload". Fine, I said, I'm a big strong woman, no problem. I ended the call, then rang back a few minutes later to find out when he would be arriving. Was told it would be within the hour. Also, he had arranged for the driver to meet him at my house so he had another bloke to help lift.

This was at 0930. It's now 1100. I have things I want to do today, but don't want to start some of them (writing & such) because I don't want interruptions. The old cupboard which is half the size of the new one has been unpacked and everything is lying in baskets on the floor. I've moved it(!) out of the way, by myself. The buggers have probably got lost. Use a street directory, you fools!

Edit: It's arrived, yay! On to the repacking. Will have to buy more baskets.

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