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More pics: Eltham Palace

Just before leaving for England I had 3 or 4 ideas for stories running around in my brain. "Well Hall" was originally going to be something quite different. However I was starting to run short of time. The Roper connection was enough to persuade me to take the trip out to Eltham, and I'm so glad I did. Apart from anything else, it's a beautiful location with a very interesting history. I talked to one of the guides who was there in the Army days and learned that the place was pretty much the same back then. The only thing English Heritage has done is to restore or recover pieces of furnishings. Where that is impossible they incorporate accurate reproductions.

Anyway this visit, plus some very broken sleep on the 'plane back to Sydney, gave me the core idea.

I can't show you the inside of the house (no photography allowed), but you can have a look for yourself at
Check out Virginia Courtauld's bedroom.

I promise to reply to everyone who commented (apart from saying Thank You! generally). Soon.

Ruins and tunnel Ruins and tunnel

Looking down into a tunnel in the medieval ruins around Eltham
Tunnel Tunnel

Inside the tunnel
Hall from Rose Garden Hall from Rose Garden

The conservatory and Great Hall from the sunken rose garden
St George St George

Bodie St George with dragon head
Great Hall Great Hall

The medieval Great Hall from the turning circle.
Timber Bridge

Ruins Ruins

More ruins, again from the rose garden
Stone Bridge Stone Bridge

The stone bridge approach from the street
Entrance Entrance

The front entrance and turning circle with the Great Hall on the right.


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