kiwisue (kiwisue) wrote,

Nice day. It was hot earlier but has cooled down considerably in the last couple of hours.

I started to make a beef curry this afternoon, using some leftover meat that needed slow cooking. B got the idea to invite friends over for dinner. Within a short space of time, I knew I was going to have to feed an additional five mouths. So it was up to the shops, where I purchased extra beef plus chicken pieces for the 2 non-curry eaters. Bought a seasoning mix to rub on the chicken.

L brought over rice and bread. The chicken mix turned out to contain chili (NY resolution - read the label?) so when I grilled the pieces I ended up with potent fumes through whole house. Real sinus clearing stuff.

Neither the chicken nor the beef ended up being very hot. The younger child still wasn't too thrilled about the spice level but as he'd been hoeing into salsa and corn chips and seemed perfectly happy to nibble at a small piece of chicken with rice and salad, I wasn't worried.

Leftovers tomorrow.

We watched the Dr Who Christmas Special (great fun - not sure DT will replace CE in my heart, but he's good in the role), and Serenity. The last scene, where Mal talks about the need for love, still brings a tear to my eye.



You can learn all the math
in the 'verse...

but you take a boat in
the air that you don't love...

she'll shake you off
just as sure as
the turn of the worlds.

Love keeps her in the air
when she ought to fall down...

tells you she's hurting
before she keels.

Makes her a home.

I'm a soppy thing, sometimes.

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